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Artscape Program

Artscape is an art program being offered to adults/parents in the Glen Street Neighbourhood. This group will be an opportunity for adults in the community to explore various art mediums in a fun, encouraging and positive manner. Parents will be able to add to their own skill set which they can in turn share with others including their own children. Participants will learn simple techniques using various mediums such as clay, water color, oil pastel, face painting, poster design and fabric painting. Registration is required.

For more information call 905-723-0036 extension 241.

Babysitting Course
A 12-hour Red Cross babysitting certificate course will be provided for children aged 12-16 in the Oshawa area. The babysitting workshop enhances the skills and knowledge of the young people involved.


For more information, please contact 905 723 0036 ext.225

Body Beautiful Group
This is an 8-week health promotion group for up to 15 women, which explores all aspects of body image, how it is created, and ways to develop and maintain a healthy image. The program's goal is to increase women" self-acceptance and decrease preoccupation with food and weight. Intended outcomes will be improved self-esteem and awareness of proper diet. To ensure access, free childcare will be offered to group participants.

For more information, please call 905 723 0036 ext. 223.

Breastfeeding Buddies
Breastfeeding Buddies is an informal support group for nursing mothers. Its mission is to provide peer support for breastfeeding mothers, their children and their support persons. The group offers information, support and non judgmental guidance to help women have a successful and satisfying nursing experience. It is also a chance for breastfeeding moms to meet and share their experiences with other breastfeeding moms. Pregnant moms, children and support people are all welcome. Nutritious snacks and drinks will be available. No registration necessary.

The group runs on Friday mornings, from 9:30-11:30am. The group is held in Program Room 1B at the Oshawa Community Health Centre, 115 Grassmere Avenue, Oshawa, L1H 3X7

Contact info: 905 723 0036

Challenge, Change, and Choices
This is a 20 week women's therapy group for women who have experienced past abuse and who are interested in challenging past hurts, initiating life changes and making new choices in their lives.  It is held Tuesday mornings October to February. We use group discussion, art therapy, and psychodrama to look at past relationship issues which are hindering their present life.  These issues may include childhood physical or sexual abuse, abuse in an adult relationship or other similar matters.   We look at topics such as how people coped with difficult issues in the past, and healthy ways of coping with stress now.  We also do work with fear, anger, grief and loss, trust and boundary issues, as well as, emotional intimacy and relationships.

It is important for participants to have had some previous therapy as well as be free from addictions or mental health crises for at least a year.  If you are currently in crisis such as suicidal or in a violent relationship, that pressing issue needs to be addressed first before attending this group. 

For more information call 905 723 0036 extn 216

Community Education and Training
As part of our ongoing health promotion activities, Oshawa Community Health Centre responds to select requests for education seminars and training regarding an array of health issues.

For more information call 905 723 0023

Community Garden
The Grassmere Community Garden is a FREE community initiative open to residents of all ages interested in the process of growing healthy food.  It offers the opportunity to share in the creation, maintenance and cultivation of the garden.  The garden provides food, recreation and therapeutic opportunities for everyone involved.  For more information, please call 905-723-0036 x227

Community Kitchen Program
The Community Kitchen Program is a six-week (three hours per week) nutrition program for parents and caregivers of children ages 0 through 6 years. The program would provide participants with the opportunity to plan, prepare, and cook nutritious and healthy meals on a budget. The program will promote healthy eating, the development of new skills and increased social networks.

Please call 905-723-0036 extension 230 for more information.

Creative Circle
The Creative Circle offers an informal and welcoming gathering place for those who enjoy quilting and other creative work. Together, we work on a quilting project that is later donated towards a raffle or another charitable cause. Stitching instructions are provided along with the sharing of friendly conversation, innovative craft ideas, and a weekly show-and-tell.

For more information, please call 905 723 0036 ext. 238

Dad's VIP Group
Dad's VIP Group is an interactive drop-in program where Dads can attend with or without their children for free play time in the gym, crafts, discussion and dinner. This program runs once per week. Dads and children will have access to the gym and its equipment. Parenting discussion may be available as well as guest speakers and various projects to work on. This group will provide positive modeling, opportunties for discussion and growth, referrals and links to community resources as requested.

For more information call 905-723-0036 Extension 241.

Family Christmas Party
Through partnerships with the CHUM Christmas Wish Foundation and Loblaws, we will be hosting our 6th annual Family Christmas party for the clients of our agency in need.  For more information, please contact 905 723 0036 ext.227

G. L. Robert's Wellness Centre
In support of our growing youth client base, we have partnered with G.L. Roberts C.V.I. to establish an youth clinic at the school one afternoon a week. This clinic addresses students health care needs while removing barriers such as transportation  This is a joint venture between the Medical Services and Counselling Services Teams.  For more information, please call 905 723 0036 ext. 216

Girls' Hang Out
This psycho-social group if for pre-teen girls at certain local elementary schools.  The program runs weekly over the lunch hour during the fall or spring term.  Topics, such as self-esteem, body image and stress are covered using interactive activities and discussions.

For more information, please call 905 723 0036 ext. 225

Homeless Health Initiative/YWCA Health Care Services
Our part time Community Health Worker works closely with the homeless community and Cornerstone to provide direct service and develop programs that address the health needs of this population. In addition we will continue to provide clinical and outreach services to homeless populations through a partnership with the YWCA. Treatment of episodic illness, monitoring of chronic illness, health promotion and illness prevention, and counselling services are offered through this initiative. Please call 905-723-0036 for more information.

Leaders In Training
The Leaders in Training (L.I.T.) program gives youth ages 13-17 years the chance to develop leadership skills and gain valuable experience while having fun. Give back to your community and earn leadership or volunteer hours for your school, too. Volunteer to be an L.I.T. and work with our VIK Summer Day Camp staff leaders to help run summer programs.

Contact Information: (905) 723-0036 ext 228

Parent and Child Program
The Parent and Child Program is a program for children ages 0 to 6 and their parents and/or caregivers. The program includes two components; one for children, which includes a structured and stimulating environment that provides a wide variety of activities that will foster children’s five key developmental areas. The other component is for parents and caregivers attending the program. Discussions, activities and other methods will be used in order to empower parents and ultimately give them the tools to strengthen their parenting skills and capabilities.

Contact Information: (905) 723-0036 ext 230

Mind, Body, Fitness Yoga
The focus of this program is to engage the entire being. The intention behind mind-body exercise is to bring wellness to both aspects of our being. When this is achieved, willingness and awareness in making other healthy lifestyle choices will naturally follow. Using concepts founded on the ancient art of yoga as well as mind-body techniques, the facilitator will create enriching experiences for participants. It will teach participants to be calm, to breath, to relax even when it seems like everything around you is falling apart. For more information call 905-723-0036 Ext. 227

Nobody's Perfect Program
The Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program is offered to caregivers and parents with children 0 to 6 years of age. The program focuses on the needs of children and their developmental stages. The parents are given the opportunity to express their specific interests and needs when they attend the first session.

Group runs twice a year in 6 week sessions. Please call for registration.
Contact Information call (905) 723-0036 ext 224

Our Wellness Program & Parents Program 
This popular drop-in program invites women to learn how to care for themselves in positive and pro-active ways. A host of qualified presenters teach practical tools and resources that can be used on a day-to-day basis to improve personal well-being. One workshop a month focuses on Child development or parenting topics. Childcare is provided, and schedules for upcoming sessions and topics are available both at the Centre and on our web-site.

For more information, please call 905 723 0036 ext. 215.

Positive Parenting
A parenting support group for parents with children ages 2 through 12 years living within the community. Parents will have the opportunity to learn new skills as well as build on their existing skills and strengths. Group runs 2 times per year in 6 week sessions. Please call for registration.

Contact Information: (905) 723-0036 ext 224

Preschool Program
The Preschool Program is a structured program designed for 3-4 year old children that reside in Oshawa. Children will attend preschool once per week for a 2 hour class. Thirteen classes will be provided weekly with a maximum of 10 children registered per class. The program will run from Sept. – June, in a number of locations. Please call to register.

Contact Information: (905) 723-0036 ext 224 or 230

South Oshawa Teen Council
The South Oshawa Teen Council is comprised of a group of dedicated youth whose purpose continues to be to fundraise for various projects/initiatives in the Oshawa area. SOTC is supported by a Health Centre staff that will continue to act as a liaison between SOTC and Oshawa Community Health Centre.

Contact Information: (905) 723-0036 ext 228

Special Events
Please view our calendar link for Oshawa Community Health Centre's upcoming "Special Events."

Summer Ready for School

The Summer Ready for School program is a school readiness program designed for children entering Junior Kindergarten in the fall. The program runs for 3 weeks in July, from 9:00 am to noon from Monday to Thursday, There are a maximum of 10 children (that will be referred by OCHC staff and/or community services agencies i.e. Durham Infant Development etc.), and the program is be planned, implemented and evaluated by two Oshawa Community Health Centre Early Years Staff. For more information, please call ext 230.

Summer Stay and Play
To provide a safe, stimulating environment for parents and their children; whereupon they can access support, referrals and other means to ensure a healthy parent-child relationship. Program runs in July & August. Program operates at a number of sites throughout both north and south Oshawa.

Contact Information: (905) 723-0036 ext 224

Teen Cuisine
The Teen Cuisine program aims at providing a fun environment for youth to come together, learn to prepare a healthy meal that they can enjoy and also take for lunch the next day. Youth 11 to 18 years are invited to participate. Please call for information on program current times and locations.

For more information, please call 905 723 0036 ext. 227

Very Important Kids Day Camp
The Very Important Kids Day Camp (VIK Camp) is an affordable and quality day camp offered to the families in Oshawa that may not be able to send their children to some of the more expensive camps.  The program services the community primarily in the south Oshawa area.  Registration begins in mid-May. There is a registration fee for VIK Camp.

Contact Information: (905) 723-0036 ext 228

Volunteer Coordination
The agency will continue to support volunteer opportunities including recruitment, orientation, and recognition of volunteers. Current volunteer positions include board members, student placements, administrative assistants, program and childcare assistants, etc.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities please call 905-723-0036 Extn. 238.

Young Women's Health Action Group
The Young Women's Health Action Group, (YWHAG), is a 15 week psycho-educational group for female students of G.L. Roberts C.V.I. The group is aimed at girls with alot of stress in their lives.  Topics covered in YWHAG include, stress,  problem solving, dealing with feelings, family and relationship problems,  loss and grief and dealing with anger.

For more information, please call 905 723 0036 ext. 216.

Youth League
The Youth League provides recreational programs weekly during the school year and 1 program during the summer, Christmas holiday and March Break for children and youth in the Oshawa area. Programs operate at a number of locations.  Youth League also  offers in-program leadership opportunities to one youth per night.  This leadership initiative will encourage leadership skill development in youth that are able to ‘lead’ the group in one/more activities. 

Contact Information: (905) 723-0036 ext 228

H.E.A.R.T. (Homework, Education, Activities & Reading Together) 
The purpose is to improve literacy skills in youth, build children’s self-confidence & self- esteem and help make reading and writing enjoyable. Staff will help with development of oral and written communication skills while working with local schools to identify participants/volunteers.  This is a registered program please call for information or to register.

Contact Information:  (905) 723-0036 ext 228

Youth Workshops and Community Health Projects
Forums and information sessions offering youth an opportunity to be involved and participate in informative and educational workshops/sessions on topics that affect them locally and region wide.

For more information, please call 905 723 0036 ext. 225.


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Food ‘4’ Thought:

A weekly prenatal/postnatal nutrition program for young women 26 years of age and under who are pregnant (and following birth until their infants are six months). Share ideas and feelings, take home healthy food and prenatal vitamins, talk with understanding health professionals and learn about programs/services for you and your baby.

4 Real: A weekly peer-led drop in group for mother’s 29 and under. 4 Real is an informal support group that will provide and opportunity for moms to get together, establish or add to network of friends and share experiences of raising young children. A light meal will be provided.

Mind your Mood Program: An early intervention, treatment foryouth with symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. Programsconsists of group workshops (Passport to Health educationsessions) and individual counselling meetings. Family/guardianinvolvement is recommended. A family/guardian educationsession is provided. For an assessment and referral to theprogram, speak to a medical or social work staff.

Individual Counselling: Early intervention counselling for avariety of issues including self-esteem, relationship issues,stress, etc. Youth or young adult needs to want to participate in counselling.

It’s My Life: Ready or Not: A 1-hour, single session workshop designed to introduce youth to services offered at the Youth Centre and the possibilty of counselling and other support services.

Healthy eating 1 on 1: Meet with the Registered Dietitian tolearn about healthy eating, weight management, fad diets,sports nutrition, prenatal nutrition and much more. TheDietitian can also help you with personalizedmeal plans andmaking healthy choices to improve your health. No referralnecessary.

Colours Youth Group: Let your true colours shine through! Come and check out this safe and social drop- in for youth13-20 yearswho identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questionning and their friends. Meet new people, hang out, get community resources and info and talk about issues that matter to you in a welcoming space. Free snacks and refreshments. Come learn, socialize and share stories- everyone is welcome!

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